We have included books that discuss subject matter related to all forms of money whether it be crypto currency, precious metals, fiat or basic bartering.



The Future of Money Free From Fiat Currency


Any current research that affects money and the way we use it will be included.






This is a new website and we have no specific agenda at this date. However we hope to offer discussion forums in the near future.



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We are not organised in a formal way but are a virtual community of like minded people concerned for the future of humanity in relation to our money.

About us


I have currently completed a short book about the problems we face with our current fiat system




A new short book "Money Liberation" published on this site by Stephen Marchant


Our mission


To encourage discussion of our money for trusted transactions both between nations and within nations. Hopefully, to steer us away from the boom and bust cycles we have experienced and to avoid moral hazard of money creation without associated creation of real wealth.

Stephen Marchant


After several years as a Merchant Navy Officer he joined his father's plumbing and heating business during which time he served as a local councillor for the SDP and the Conservatives. He gained a First in Combustion and Electronics from Exeter University, went on to do research and then  IT ending up working in global corporations as an IT Manager where he completed an MBA in Technology. He has always taken a keen interest in economics and politics.

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Stephen Marchant


All content submitted on this form will be subject to editorial review. Please allow time for me to read it and get back to you in case there are questions I have about content and authenticity. N.B Email adresses will not be shown On Blog


Stephen Marchant

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The forum will be a list of interested persons who can engage in Group discussion. Depending on Skype bandwidth up to six persons will Be invited to Join debates On a relevant Topic Which Will Be Published beforehand. One of the Group Will act as forum chairman. Whilst None Of Us Are 'Experts' A Healthy Range of Views & Experience Will Benefit All.