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Top Tips on Giving Back to Your Community


Giving back to your community is a great way to help others in need, show your appreciation for all the things you have, and teach your children the joys of being charitable. Itís not always easy to think of ways you can get involved, but there are several things you can do for people who are less fortunate. In fact, you can even form a nonprofit from which you can reach a specific cause or the community at large, such as serving the homeless year-round.


Whether your effort is full-time, part-time, or once a year, find an activity, event, or item that will benefit your community and get involved. Organize groups of people to fill plates at a local shelter, or collect items to give to children who are less fortunate. Today, Money Liberty presents this helpful list of resources for ideas on where to start.


Collection Options


By organizing a food, toys, or clothing drive, you can help those in need in your community. Be sure to get the word out, as youíll want your entire locality to know about the effort. The more that people know about the collection drive, the bigger the outcome.


     Collect Toys for Tots

     Easy Tips for a Successful Food Drive

     How to Organize a Clothing Drive




You may be surprised about the number of opportunities and organizations nearby that take donations. Some accept clothing and household goods, like Goodwill, while others will take nonperishable food items, like food banks and churches. All it takes is a phone call to see whatís accepted; then target your donations to the appropriate place. The following are some other worthy causes you can donate to.


     No Kid Hungry

     Humane Society: Make a Gift Donation


Volunteering Opportunities


When you volunteer, youíre investing time and energy to a worthy cause, which adds a very personal touch to your efforts. Volunteering puts you face to face with those youíre helping and elbow to elbow with like-minded people who care about the community theyíre serving. Make a difference by volunteering in your community.


     Prepare or Serve Meals at Your Local Soup Kitchen

     Help Families Inhabit Homes with Habitat for Humanity


Other Ways to Help


Get creative when it comes to how you can help out. Here are some other unique ways you can brighten the lives of the needy.


     5 Ways You Can Donate Your Gift-Wrapping Skills to Charity

     Fundraising Ideas For Any Cause

     Conduct a Walk-A-Thon and Give the Proceeds to a Local Charity


Figuring out the best ways to give back can be a challenge, especially if youíre pressed for time, but there are many options out there that will allow you to help those who are less fortunate. Just keep in mind that if you will be volunteering at a shelter or food bank, itís always a good idea to check on their rules beforehand so your time there will be as productive as possible.